The Antithesis of Green

Vast stretches of land would be needed for an all-renewable scenario. Which is why landowners are fighting solar and wind companies.

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Al Gore’s right about carbon capture and sequestration

Recently at COP24, the United Nations conference on climate change in Katowice, Poland, during an interview with Amy Harder of Axios, former vice president Al Gore unloaded on carbon capture and sequestration — the process that extracts carbon dioxide from exhaust streams, concentrates it, and injects it underground.

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Renewable Mandates and Carbon Taxes Lost Big on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Democrats won a majority in the U.S. House as well as gubernatorial races in several key state races. But a look at the results from four states — Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and Washington — shows that voters are still skeptical of bans on hydrocarbon production, renewable-energy mandates, and carbon taxes.

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Consumers are going to lose in Cuomo’s bet on wind energy

During his successful 1932 run for the White House, New York Gov. Franklin Roosevelt campaigned hard on the issue of electricity affordability. In a speech in Portland, Ore., he told voters that as governor, he had made sure that the New York Public Service Commission was acting “as an agent of the public.”

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Renewables won’t keep Californians cool during heat waves

California policymakers are infatuated with renewable energy and electric vehicles. But the record-breaking heat wave that hit the state earlier this month which left more than 30,000 customers in Los Angeles without electricity for several hours, is exposing the dangers of that infatuation.

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