December 2003
American Legion

From behind a desk in a small, windowless office, smack in the middle of the third floor of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Dr. Francine Kaufman devotes her life to fighting a killer of kids. She bobs a tea bag in a tall foam cup of hot water and takes notice of the tower of paper on her desk. With a slightly apologetic laugh, she says, “I'm a doctor deep down inside and I have a bunch of patients I need to take care of."

April 28, 2003
Dallas Morning News

The U.S. military loves acronyms. JDAM, AWOL, GI and CENTCOM all are part of the Pentagon lexicon. Yet, despite an increasingly tight federal budget and American taxpayers' desire for fiscal responsibility, the military still doesn't get GAAP.

Wednesday March 12, 2003
The Guardian
(By Robert Bryce and Julian Borger)

Halliburton, the Texas company which has been awarded the Pentagon's contract to put out potential oil-field fires in Iraq and which is bidding for postwar construction contracts, is still making annual payments to its former chief executive, the vice-president Dick Cheney.

April 2, 2001
Interactive Week

There are no family photos or mementos. not a single plaque, diploma or trophy. the white walls in Jack Kilby's office are ready and waiting for someone - anyone - to hang something on them.What's the deal? Did the renowned inventor just move into his small office in north Dallas? "No," replies Kilby in his slow baritone. "I've been in this office for 13 years."

December 19, 2000
Interactive Week

In late September, while on the stump in Michigan, George W. Bush outlined his energy plan for America. More domestic oil drilling was needed, he told the crowd, because the country needs more natural gas. We also need more renewable energy and more electric power because, he said, "today the equipment needed to power the Internet consumes 8 percent of all the electricity produced in the United States."

July 14, 2000
Austin Chronicle

The themes for the government attorneys are suicide, arson, sex, and guns. Lawyers for the Branch Davidians are talking about women, children, missing evidence, and fire trucks.

June 23, 2000
Austin Chronicle
By Robert Bryce, Joe Ellis and Jim Moore

The blame game started just after the last body bag was zipped up. Four agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and six Branch Davidians were dead. The emergency room at Providence Hospital in Waco was awash in the blood of injured ATF agents. David Koresh, still holed up in his compound, was bleeding from gunshot wounds in his right wrist and left hip.

June 19, 2000

What does Mumia Abu-Jamal have that David Koresh doesn't? From Ed Asner to Alice Walker, liberals have flocked to defend Mumia -- convicted in 1982 of killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner -- criticizing the way police and prosecutors handled his case and demanding a new trial. Luminaries of the left marched, chanted and purchased full-page ads in the New York Times to appeal to state and federal authorities to provide for Mumia, who has been on Pennsylvania's death row for 18 years.

May 28, 1999
Austin Chronicle

Face it, George W. Bush is going to be our next president. And you don't have to be a political genius or a mathematician to understand why. Bush was just re-elected in a landslide. As a presidential candidate, he wins all 32 of Texas' electoral college votes without breaking a sweat.

May 9, 1997
Texas Observer

George W. Bush loves baseball. And why not? After all, baseball has been very good to the governor.

June 1996
Texas Monthly

When Robert L. Waltrip's time comes, he will likely get the same treatment accorded any of his customers at Houston's Service Corporation International (SCI). Two men will pick him up, place him in a black plastic bag, lift him onto a stretcher, load him into a dark-colored vehicle, and drive him to a low-slung metal building at Thirty-Fourth Street and Ella Road -- what SCI insiders call the prep center.

November 2, 1995
The New York Times

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation has canceled $100 million in political risk insurance for a huge gold mining project in Indonesia that is operated by Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold Inc.

November 30, 1993
Christian Science Monitor

Long before ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), United States energy producers were finding a fertile market in Mexico. Surging population growth, coupled with expanding industrialization, have increased Mexico's energy appetite by nearly 300 percent over the past 20 years. To meet the demand, Mexico has been importing increasing amounts of natural gas and liquid petroleum products from US oil and gas producers.

October 20, 1992
The Dallas Morning News

Vice presidential candidate Al Gore has recommended a tax on carbon-based fuels as a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, cut air pollution and save energy. Because of his support for the tax, he is under attack. Rich Bond, chairman of the Republican National Committee, recently called Mr. Gore an "international environmental extremist.'

April 18, 1991
Christian Science Monitor

When a Texaco pipeline broke and spilled a million gallons of crude oil, ruining six acres of his grassland and contaminating his groundwater, Rex Pigmon got mad. When the company offered the west Texas rancher $1,200 for the damage, he got a lawyer.

March 19, 1990
Christian Science Monitor

(Big Spring, Texas) Cash Schriefer says he knew the bird he was fishing out of the oil waste pit in southern Oklahoma in late January was big. He thought it was a goose at first, says the United States Fish and Wildlife Service special agent. But when Mr. Schriefer finally pulled the oil-covered bird out of the abandoned waste pit, he was amazed at its size. A six-foot wingspan, massive talons, and yellow beak told Schriefer immediately that the bird was a bald eagle.

November 17, 1989
Tulsa Tribune

From the air, the small lakes and lagoons that dot the oil fields of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico look inviting to migrant birds. But many of the water holes are fouled with oil that sticks to the feathers of ducks, herons, cranes and geese and slowly suffocates them.

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