Seven Top Energy Stories Of 2021

It has been a chaotic year in the energy sector. And with just a few hours left in 2021, I put together my list of the most important energy developments of the year. It’s a personal list and not meant to be comprehensive. So without further ado, my top seven stories of the year.

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Vineyard Wind Harpooned By New Federal Lawsuit

Despite more than a decade of hype and the promise of billions of dollars in federal and state subsidies, the offshore wind boondoggle – and yes, boondoggle is the right word for it – keeps getting torpedoed by delays and litigation.

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The Electric-Vehicle Push Empowers China

The Biden administration wants to spend billions on electric-vehicle subsidies and charging stations because, as Vice President Kamala Harris put it in a Dec. 13 speech, “climate change has become a climate crisis and it demands urgent action.”

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Coal At $200 A Ton And Soaring Use Of Oil For Power Proves ‘The Iron Law Of Electricity’

Nearly five years ago while in Kolkata, I interviewed Sanjay Kar Chowdury, a manager at the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation. When I asked him about the importance of coal to the Indian electric grid, he did not hesitate. Coal, he told me, “is a lifeline. It is a lifeline of all the thermal power stations. Without coal, you cannot survive…It’s not possible to keep the lights on without coal.”

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Here’s The List Of 317 Wind Energy Rejections The Sierra Club Doesn’t Want You To See

A few weeks ago, I ran into a prominent employee of the Sierra Club who declared something to the effect of “we have to quit using coal, oil, and natural gas.” That, of course, is the official dogma of America’s “largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.” The group says it is “committed to eliminating the use of fossil fuels, including coal, natural gas, and oil, as soon as possible.

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Get Ready for the Blackouts

Generac Power Systems, a company that produces home generators and other equipment, announced in July record sales of $920 million during the second quarter, a 68% jump over last year. But what’s good for Generac is bad for America.

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After Hurricane Ida, Blackouts Will Lead To Surge In Deaths And Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

As night follows day, public health crises follow closely on the heels of extended blackouts. Although only about four people have died due to the direct effects of Hurricane Ida, the electricity crisis in New Orleans and much of southeastern Louisiana will soon result in a surge in the death rate and a big jump in the number of fatalities and poisonings caused by inhalation of carbon monoxide emitted by small electricity generators.

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