An Epidemic Of Stealing Watts For Weed

Today, April 20, is Weed Day, and lots of imbibers are celebrating (while social distancing) with their favorite strains of cannabis. But even amid the ongoing wave of marijuana legalization – 11 states have legalized recreational use and 33 states permit medical use – it’s also apparent that the marijuana industry has an electricity addiction.

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Beating Covid Is All About Electricity

During her three-year career as a registered nurse, my friend, C., has cared for tuberculosis patients as well as ones with severe respiratory problems. She’s now caring for COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Ventura County, California. Is she scared about catching the virus? “No,” she replied during a phone call on Thursday. “I’m pretty unflappable.”

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Colluding With the (Oil) Enemy

On April 2, Ryan Sitton, one of three members of the Texas Railroad Commission, communicated with officials from Saudi Arabia and Russia about coordinating cuts in oil production. Just a few years ago, the notion that an American politician would talk with foreign producers about how to prop up oil prices would have been considered colluding with the enemy.

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