California Is Impoverishing Its Low-Income Residents With Electricity Prices

Last week, Californians got a rare bit of good news on the energy front: Gov. Gavin Newsom said he would work to prevent the closure of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, the state’s last nuclear power plant. Yet regardless of what happens with Diablo Canyon, electricity prices in California are going even higher, despite being already among the highest in the country.

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America’s Biggest ‘Green’ Groups Love Wind Turbines, Not Eagles

I’m old enough to remember when environmentalists cared about protecting our birds, bats, and whales. Alas, concern about protecting our wildlife has been lost amid the headlong rush to cover the countryside with oceans of solar panels and forests of wind turbines in the hope that they will save us from climate change.

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We Are Massacring Birds to Slow Climate Change. It’s Got to Stop

The world’s biggest producer of renewable energy, the Florida-based NextEra Energy, has killed at least 150 Bald and Golden Eagles at its wind projects in eight different states since 2012. ESI Energy Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra, pled guilty to three counts of violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) last week and was sentenced to probation and $8 million in fines and restitution; it must also implement a plan to protect eagles which could cost another $27 million.

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The Sierra Club Loves Wind Turbines, Not Whales

Imagine for a moment what might happen if an oil company – say, Exxon Mobil or Chevron – announced plans to put dozens of offshore drilling platforms on the Eastern Seaboard, smack in the middle of where endangered North Atlantic right whales congregate.

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Build It And They Won’t Come, Part Two: Jessica Petersen Provides An Update On Battle Against Big Solar In Iowa

Last month in these pages, I published an essay written by Jessica Petersen, a sixth-generation farmer from Benton County, Iowa, about her family’s fight against Big Solar projects that have been proposed for her area. In that piece, Petersen explained why Iowa farmers and rural landowners are pushing back against the encroachment of large renewable projects.

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Seven Top Energy Stories Of 2021

It has been a chaotic year in the energy sector. And with just a few hours left in 2021, I put together my list of the most important energy developments of the year. It’s a personal list and not meant to be comprehensive. So without further ado, my top seven stories of the year.

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