“Worldwide living standards are getting better, driven by humans’ desire for making things Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper. This is the title of Robert Bryce’s new book in which he devotes 300 pages to refuting the claims of those neo-Malthusians who think mankind is near or at “peak everything.”

Instead of accepting this “collapse anxiety,” Bryce, a senior fellow and my colleague at the Manhattan Institute, provides a full-throated defense of human ingenuity and innovation. Getting back to nature à la Rousseau, Thoreau, and Carson by embracing renewable energy and decreased standards of living is not the way of the future. To continue the advancement of the developed and non-developed world, policymakers need to stop inhibiting progress and embrace the world’s master resource-energy.”

Real Clearn Energy, May 29, 2014, by Jared Meyer

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