Thank you for listening to the Power Hungry Podcast. But after nearly four years and 223 episodes, I am putting the podcast on hiatus. I have enjoyed doing the podcast, but I’ve been stretched too thin lately and needed to reduce my workload. Therefore, I will focus more time and energy on my public speaking and writing, particularly on Substack. Please follow me there:

Episode Transcript

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Hi everyone. A quick update: I am putting a pause on the Power Hungry podcast. Call it a sabbatical, hiatus, vacation, 

whatever word works for you. I had to change up my workflow. Put bluntly, I’ve simply been working too much. I’ve been traveling. I’ve been doing speaking engagements, my writing, and just keeping up with my other obligations. I simply realized I just haven’t had enough time to 

focus on the things that I really want to focus on. 


So it made sense for me to put a stop to the Power Hungry podcast for now. Will I come back 

to it in the future? Probably. Maybe. I don’t know yet. I’ve got a lot of things that are coming 

on my calendar this year, a lot of speaking engagements, a lot of travel. 


And I have enjoyed the podcast. I’ve done 223 episodes, I think, 224. I had a great time with 

it, met a lot of people, had a lot of great conversations, and I think helped move the 

conversation forward. And I had great conversations with people like Meredith Angwin and 

Roger Pielke Jr., Peter Zeihan, was a very popular guest. My friend, Doomburg, Chris Kiefer, 

others, had great conversations, and I had a great time doing it. 


But I needed to change up. And I realized in the last few weeks that I needed a change in my work, and stopping the podcast 

was the logical way to do it. 


As I said, I’ve enjoyed it, but I also didn’t want to get advertisers. I don’t want to get a 

sponsor. I listen to a few podcasts, and I don’t like listening to advertisements, so I didn’t want to put ads on my own podcast. 


So what am I going to be doing? I’m going to be focusing more on my writing, focusing more 

on my Substack. 


I get a lot of enjoyment out of that, and I feel like I’m getting good traction there. So I’m reallygoing to work to focus my attention on my Substack and I hope you’ll follow me there. 


You know where to find me, robertbryce.substack .com. 


I may do some of the video features there, maybe even do some podcasts or short podcasts 

there, I don’t know yet. But I will also be, of course, on other platforms, TikTok, if it’s still 

around, as well as YouTube and LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 


So I’ll be easy to find. It won’t be difficult to find my content, whether it’s in writing or in 

short videos, etc. So it’s been a great run. And I’ve enjoyed it a great deal. And I’ve been 

flattered by the support and the encouragement that I’ve had from listeners. I found I have 

listeners all over the world. And it’s been really fun to know that I’m reaching a lot of people 

and also helping other people put out their messaging and talking about what’s important to 



So it’s been a great run. The Power Hungry podcast is stopped for now. But tune in on my 

Substack and I’ll keep you posted there as to what is next. 


But thank you all for your support. I’ve really enjoyed it. 


So until next time, see ya. 


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